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About Concierge

Concierge is an innovative and flexible display solution for meeting room information and bookings.
Within every organisation today, meeting rooms are busy, vibrant places, often used to showcase a business to clients and partners. The effective and efficient use of these dedicated spaces is of utmost importance.



Concierge Companion is a complimentary component of the Concierge room-booking displays solution. In addition to several convenience functions such as site-wide health monitoring, configuration consistency checks and graphics package hosting, Companion also includes a powerful reporting engine.

Concierge 10.1″ Display – ACMG10

The Concierge 10.1” Display provides a snapshot of the room activity for the day.

It uses a simple green and red display to instantly notify whether the room is available or in use. There are side LEDs so the room availability can be seen from down the hallway.

Display solution for meeting room information and bookings.

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