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SE. Audiotechnik M-Line

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The M-Line consists of self-powered modular PA systems suitable for in and outdoor audiences ranging from small crowds to hundreds of people. When great sound matters, but space for placing is scarce or transportation needs to be made easier, you will benefit from the solutions offered by this flexible, compact and sophisticated product line. Every component is exclusively designed and made by SE Audiotechnik.


Elegance meets capability

This self-powered column system is the perfect solution to people, who are looking for an easy to set up, expandable PA or monitor system with versatile connectivity and direct control via the built-in mixer. You can expect great sound results in speech and music reproduction at medium sized venues with an audience of up to a few hundred listeners.

Using cutting-edge German technology, more than 500 people work there day in, day out to produce internationally thriving products according to strict German standards.

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