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Microsoft Power BI

The World’s First and Only Integration With Microsoft Power BI

NowSignage was the first and the only digital signage platform on the market to develop a full and direct integration with Microsoft Power BI that enables users to display BI reports privately and securely. This world-first piece of innovation is now available, completely free of charge for all users. This can even be displayed on a windows digital signage or other screen.

With all other CMS providers the only way for a Microsoft Power BI User to display a report on digital signage is to display it via a publicly available URL. Businesses are of course reluctant to do this, and as such aren’t getting full value from what is a critical tool for their business.


Instantly override content on any screen using any mobile device

OnDemand is an industry leading feature that NowSignage were first to bring to the market. This feature allows for content on any screen in a network to be overridden with the click of a button from a mobile device. OnDemand offers the ability for users to trigger a priority message to any screen instantly, whether this is a promotion, a report, or a health and safety video.

There are two main functions of OnDemand; Trigger Content, and Local Content. These make it simple for users to communicate an important, real-time announcement, or override what is being shown on their screens.

Screen Synchronisation

Configure content to play screen sync across your screen network

Screen synchronisation is an ideal tool for large format, high resolution video walls, menu boards or shelf edge displays.

NowSignage are currently developing a cutting edge solution, due for release in 2022, this feature will allow for content playback across screens running on SoC or individual media players on a network. Media players can play individual media or part of a multi screen animation in perfect synchronisation.

Proof of Play

Configure content to play in synchronisation across your screen network

Many of our Digital Out of Home (DOOH) clients, particularly those who are displaying paid advertisements, require the ability to demonstrate whether or not a particular piece of content has been displayed, on what screens and for how long.

NowSignage allows users to pull off reports. Unlike other CMS providers, and like with all of our premium features, NowSignage provides Proof of Play at no extra cost.

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