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JUPITER Analog HD input node 480i30 to 1080p60

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PixelNet makes creating complex topologies of inputs, outputs and switches simple, cost effective, and future proof. Massively scalable, the same component parts can scale from a single input distributed to a single output to hundreds of inputs and outputs. PixelNet input nodes are small, silent and use very little power. PixelNet Domain Control software provides an intuitive, object-oriented, drag-and-drop interface to control and manage multiple inputs, outputs and display walls.

  • Handles all standard and high definition video formats 
  • Analog component inputs (YPrPb)
  • Automatic format detection
  • 10-bit color processing
  • State-of-the-art video de-interlacing, and scaling
  • Dual Gigabit PixelNet ports

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Supplier Name Jupiter Systems
Collection Multi-Window Technologies