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Menu Board Design Guide

The Challenge:

To easily create a vibrant, dynamic and engaging menu board solution that is easily maintained with limited technical knowledge.

Our Solution:

At the heart of our menu board solution is the BrightSign XD233 offering enterprise grade reliability and an easy to use content creation package. Networking capabilities allow content to be uploaded from remote locations. The BrightSign iOS App allows user variables to be updated instantaneously.



BrightSign XD233

Offers a powerful 4K video engine capable of dual decoding two Full HD video simultaneously and an advanced HTML5 engine.

 BrightSign Network

An affordable and scalable subscription-based hosted service, providing the complete infrastructure to serve and support your digital signage network. It makes delivering remote content to one or many units a breeze.


Browser-based service that allows for quick and easy creation of professional digital signs using templates. Select from a collection of default templates or connect with content partners to craft a custom design.

Samsung PM43F

Handles any business need featuring a narrow 6.9mm bezel, 24/7 warranty, 500nit non-glare panel with IP5x certification with crystal clear Full HD image quality.

 Chief LTM1U

Vertical and lateral points of micro-adjustability, this FUSION staple tilt mount is ideal for any wall situation where a forward tilt function is required.

Exact products and models are subject to change and may no longer be available